Our Legal Practice Areas

Crimes of Violence

We represent people accused of criminal offenses in State and Federal Court in Western Colorado.

Civil Rights

We represent people who have suffered a civil rights violation in Western Colorado. Such violations range from violations of free speech rights, violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, denial of medical care in custody, excessive force and wrongful death.

Sex Offenses

We represent persons accused of all types of sexual offenses from possession of prohibited materials to sexual assault on a child as a pattern of abuse. Many sex offenses in Colorado are as serious as criminal cases can get. It’s important to have experienced counsel to obtain the best possible results in these matters.

Drug Crimes

We represent persons accused in State and Federal Courts I allegations of drug offenses ranging from simple possession to organized distribution of controlled substances. We are experienced in Federal and State wiretap cases as well as the use of confidential informants and controlled purchases. It’s important to have counsel familiar with the jurisdiction in these matters to obtain the best possible results.


While nobody wants to be sentenced in a criminal case, the reality is that most cases end with some manner of sentencing or another. Whether that is from a negotiated plea or following trial, sentencing is one of the most important stages of a criminal case

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