While nobody wants to be sentenced in a criminal case, the reality is that most cases end with some manner of sentencing or another. Whether that is from a negotiated plea or following trial, sentencing is one of the most important stages of a criminal case. Advocates that understand that get better results for their clients. Dan begins thinking about negotiation, trial and sentencing from the start of most cases he works on. Whether it’s developing the story of innocence, reduced guilt, or mitigation to be used for purposes of negotiation and later sentencing it must start early on in the case. Everyone has a story that brings them before the Court. Finding and telling that story can make the difference between great results and horrible outcomes. Advocacy at sentencing is critical to the outcome in serious criminal cases. Often Dan works with investigator(s), forensic social workers and psychologists to help find and tell that story. Most Judges want to know who they are sentencing so they can make the best possible decisions about that persons sentence. Many years ago Dan attended the Andrea Taylor Sentencing Workshop put on by the Federal Defender Services organization. Dan continues to use the things he learned there along with the tools he obtains through the Trial Lawyers College and Stetson University to fashion sentencing arguments designed to appeal to Judges to get the best possible outcomes for the people that rely on him to find and tell their story.

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