Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes require representation by experienced counsel given the seriousness of the offenses, complex nature of the special offender statute and the collateral consequences associated with these offenses.

Grand Junction Drug Defense Lawyer

Since the beginning of Dan’s practice, Colorado revised nearly all of its drug crime legislation. As a result of that coupled with many changes in the case law as it relates to drug crimes, this can be a complicated area of the law.

Dan’s Proven Experience in Drug Defense

Further, issues facing persons charged with drug crimes such as addiction, mental health, domestic violence, and immigration-related matters all mean that an experienced criminal defense attorney is critical to getting the best results in these cases.

Dan has been defending persons accused of drug crimes and advocating for results specific to the individual charged in Western Colorado for over eighteen years in both State and Federal Courts.

male violent crime defense attorney working with client in courtroom

A Track Record of Success

Dan’s experience encompasses a wide range of drug cases, from simple possession to large-scale trafficking of controlled substances. 

He has represented clients facing charges involving:

  • Simple possession to importation cases as well as special offender cases.
  • Persons investigated using both State and Federal wiretapping laws.
  • Successfully tried drug crime cases to juries in Western Colorado.
  • A person accused of trafficking large amounts of methamphetamine and fentanyl.
  • Dan has successfully defended persons accused of large-scale distribution of various controlled substances.

Build A Winning Criminal Defense Strategy

Dan works with his clients to find the best approach to their cases. Often this involves legal, factual, and mitigation work before ever negotiating with the prosecution. This thorough preparation lays the groundwork for a strong defense.

Satisfied Client Stories