Civil Rights

Dan is one of the only attorneys on the Western Slope that will sue the government and/or governmental actors such as law enforcement for civil rights violations.

Civil Rights

Western Slope Civil Rights Attorney

For years, Dan knew he wanted to be able to do this for people. Many, clients told stories of abuses by law enforcement, from seizing and selling property and excessive force to violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Suing Local Government For Civil Rights Violation

Several years ago, Dan sued the City of Delta and its police chief over a $1,500.00 car that was seized and sold with notice of right to a hearing despite its owner presenting her bill of sale to the chief as proof that it was her car. Dan had never handled such a case and told his client as much. However, Dan studied that area of the law, brought a claim, and revealed it on her behalf. Dan handles civil rights cases ranging from wrongful death to unlawful search and seizure. 

Civil Rights Attorney For Police Misconduct

Dan obtained a favorable settlement on behalf of a young deaf man held in a local county jail for over a year without any institutional accommodations that would have assisted him in communicating with jail staff. While not Dan’s primary area of practice, civil rights cases continue to be a passion of his.

If you or your loved one thinks your rights have been violated by the police, our civil rights attorney will listen to you and advise you as to whether he believes you have a good claim. If you have a good claim, Dan will gladly step up on your behalf, whereas most attorneys in Western Colorado won’t. Dan’s not afraid to sue cops!

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Satisfied Client Stories

Dan was extremely helpful throughout my case and I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal advice with their case he is extremely professional made things quick, easy, and painless .